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We must love

We have a vital job at summer camp that goes beyond adventure, fun, and self-discovery: we must love. In a world and in a country that is hurting; where hatred and violence are celebrated; where racism persists; where our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQI+ community fear name-calling, abuse, and murder; where power and women … Continue reading

Wednesday’s Whim: Provisional Tries and Humility

When we talk about provisional tries in Counselor Training, the stakes are often relatively low – at least at first. That game didn’t work? How could you explain the instructions better? Dinner a little late? What could you do differently to be sure the fire is lit earlier, or the food is prepped by more … Continue reading

Wednesday’s Whim: Get Ready, 2016

Of the handful of resolutions I’ve made for myself to begin 2016, one of them is not to judge my efforts at resolving to better myself. A regular victim of my own “shoulds” (I should do this and I should do that), it’s important for me to continue practicing grace as a I approach any … Continue reading

Wednesday’s Whim: Gratitude & Preparation

This weekend the calendar turned from Thanksgiving to the season of Advent, or pre-Christmas. (Even if you aren’t inclined toward the religious, bear with me.) Sunday morning to close Thanksgiving Family Camp we celebrated the season change with The Rev. Chris Eades, who chose readings that beautifully balanced the tension and opportunity of this transition … Continue reading

Wednesday’s Whim: A November Full of Gratitude

Last year Camp Stevens rolled out four new core values that are rooted in the natural world and our Episcopal tradition – values that root us in being mission-driven, forward thinking, and intentional in our work and community life. They are openness, connection, gratitude, and wonder and they are resonating with campers, staff, and retreat … Continue reading

Wednesday’s Whim: Inspiring Young Leaders

After an inspiring presentation to a room full of women leaders about her world-changing non-profit and social business Monday night, Sama Group founder and CEO Leila Janah, joined by Kathlyn Mead, President & CEO of The San Diego Foundation, were asked: how can we inspire young leaders, especially young women, to be changemakers? The strongest … Continue reading

Wednesday’s Whim: Sunsets & Expectations

In A Sense of Wonder, Rachel Carson wrote: “It is not half so important to know as to feel.” The day after her first sunset hike up Volcan Mountain this summer, one camper shared about the magic of the experience. The sun had been hidden behind clouds and the air was cold, but the camper … Continue reading

Wednesday’s Whim: Blue Day in December

Camp Stevens Counselor Training program teaches leadership skills, human relations, sequencing and group development, conflict resolution, and activity planning and execution, among other things. On Friday night our usual discussion is about environmental ethic and sustainability and this year was no different. Ben, Ryan, and Ian (Maintenance Manager, Farm/Garden Director, and Garden Program Intern, respectively) … Continue reading

Wednesday’s Whim: Pando Populus

This weekend I had the great, eye-opening opportunity to attend the Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization conference at Pomona College and hosted by a new organization and movement: Pando Populus. This conference, a brainchild of John B. Cobb, Jr., was a combination of what are usually three gatherings: a meeting honoring, discussing, and applying the … Continue reading

Wednesday’s Whim: Radical

I try to keep my Facebook checking to a minimum with varying success. In fact, I recently took the app off my phone to limit its convenience. That said, one page I do follow is called Unvirtuous Abbey. It’s usually good for a chuckle and a pause. This morning, whoever is behind the page posted this … Continue reading