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Craft of the Month: “Junk” Art

“Junk” can get a bad rap. While I’m not advocating for keeping anything and everything for the possibility of reusing it in the future, this month’s craft is about being inspired to creatively repurpose that pile of … well, junk. Not to mention, it’s a fun way to do some spring cleaning!   How to make … Continue reading

Wreath Making 101

All fall-long, Delaney and Sinclaire have been leading retreat center groups through wreath making. It’s a great holiday craft, with room to get really creative. Thanks to Laney for putting together this tutorial! Don’t know what to get someone for Christmas this year? Or maybe you need a little more Christmas spice on your front … Continue reading

Craft of the Month: How to Make a T-Shirt Headband

Last month I couldn’t even introduce Camp Steven’s first featured craft without mentioning the ever-inspiring “t-shirt headband”. As its name suggests, a t-shirt headband is a headband made from strands of cut-up tees. These headbands are stretchy and comfy, ever-inspiring (1) because the color combining potential is pretty well endless and (2) because “t-shirt headbands” … Continue reading

Wednesday’s Whim: Playing Chicken

This week’s Wednesday’s Whim is written by Garden & Farm Director Ryan Wanamaker: Beth asked me to write this piece about a week ago. We’d been raising around 150 chickens for the past two months; they were nearing butcher weight and a few of us where getting ready to undergo the tedious and long day … Continue reading

That’s a First: A Family Affair

Here’s a story from Summer Camp Director Trevor Graham-Wilcox: I first came to Camp Stevens for Thanksgiving Family Camp in 1992. My immediate family attended along with our Grandmother and stayed in St. Paul’s on Girls’ Hill. My siblings had all been to summer camp before, but it was all new to me. I remember … Continue reading

That’s a First: Cubby Envy

Here’s a First Time story from Assistant Chef Kate Hilliard: My first experience with Camp Stevens was when I was about 5 years old. My older sister was coming to camp with her class, my mom was going as one of the extra adults and I tagged along. The most distinct memory I have from … Continue reading

That’s a First: I Can See Clearly Now

Here’s a tale from Ropes Course Coordinator Joe Kiefer: It was seven days into a cross-country drive from Ohio and it was starting to pour rain. I’d been delayed for four hours in Arizona after locking my keys in my car at a gas station. I was tired, I was hungry, and I was extremely … Continue reading

That’s a First: Time to Settle In

Here’s a First Time story from Wilderness Trip co-leader Joe O’Brien: The first time I walked along the trails of Camp Stevens I knew it was for me. The people, the place, the philosophies of the camp all felt to me like something I had known before but had yet to discover. I had been … Continue reading

That’s a First: Pre-Interview Sleepover

Here’s a First Time story from Food Services Director Susan McMillion: I drove up from the desert, unannounced, the night before my interview, after having camped the night before. I wanted to be on time for my 8AM interview. A cheery girl named Eva greeted me in the parking lot and quickly set me up … Continue reading

That’s a First: Love at First Bite

Here’s a First Time story from Retreat Center Coordinator Coreen Walsh. Before I arrived at Camp Stevens I had heard of organic gardens, vegetarian meal options and one-of-a-kind yurt cabins; however, my high expectations were far surpassed after only our first meal. I was instantly impressed by the Camp Stevens community’s food philosophy and commitment … Continue reading