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Session Four: “Sweet”

We can’t believe that Session 4 passed by so quickly! That’s what happens when it’s such an awesome week of camp…or should we say “Sweet” week of camp? Our Summer Staff decided that “Sweet” would be our theme for the week! Sweet could be the taste of the fruit in the orchard, or the the smell of dessert at dinner time. Sweet can also be kindness towards one another, or used to describe something that’s super cool!

All week we saw the campers and staff doing some pretty sweet activities! One morning Daydream Vibes was in the Phoenix Garden drawing the plants that were growing around them and on the other side of camp the Sweet Dreamers were playing Habitat on Pool Hill. During free-time we set up a slack-line in between two trees and the campers tested their balance! A slack-line is a tight rope of sorts and you can practice balancing and walking on it. They did amazing!

Campers left their mark all around camp by helping out in the gardens, feeding the pigs and chickens, and painting on the cabin walls! They also made lasting impressions on each other. Friendships made at camp are unique. Strangers become close friends and old friends are reunited! These connections are strengthened through team-building, exploring, laughing and playing together for a whole week. How sweet is it to experience the beauty of this place with the best of friends?

Pretty sweet.

Keep exploring, friends. See you next summer!

” When I come to Camp Stevens I always find it amazing that, in just days, a group of strangers can become a close knit group of people. I feel happy and free at Camp Stevens and I will continue to come back.”

Session Four Details:
Our chaplains were Stephanie Wilson and Steve Demuth. Our nurse was Sarah Herman.
1 | Staff: Simon with Ella and Bailey  | Campers: Clara, Veronica, Kayla, Scotlynn, Anna, Keegan, Emily Bruno, Greyson, Keith, Samuel, Michel, James, Brock
2 | Staff: Maxine with Vivian and Todd  | Campers: Caitlyn, Haley, Samantha, Willow, Taite, Tess, Olivia Julian, Caleb, Derek, Anthony, Bryan, Adam, Robert
3 | Staff: Max with Hannah and Daniel  | Campers: Sophia, Maren, Marbella, Sara K, Elena, Sylvia, Dylan Kai, Jasper, Talon, Enzo, Luca, Camren, Donovan
4 | Staff: Marina with Mae Zoe and Jasper  | Campers: Kaitlyn, Jamileth, Kathleen, Lillian, Porter, Lili, Emma Rami, Tommy, Gary, Darrin, Derick, Jeremiah, Dorian
5 | Staff: Sophia with Autumn and Drake  | Campers: Ryan, Ally, Jenna, Trinity, Taryn, Brigit, Peri Vlad, Aiden, Eduardo, Jesus, Gabriel, Michael O, Ethan
6 | Staff: Emily with Raena and Michael  | Campers: Justine, Grace, Audrey, Sydney, Delaney, Mariah, Alyssa Nathan, Sage, Tracen, Michael J., Thomas, Joel, Niko
7 | Staff: Noah D with Lindsey and Dillan  | Campers: Kelly, McKenna, Xoraya, Eseza, Sara T, Annina, Nolia Dah, Asher, Samantha M, Shee, Chris, Varelli


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