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Session Three: “Groove”

Make some noise for Session Three! When talking about the theme for this week, the staff discussed all kinds of grooves and what they symbolize: the grooves in a canyon representing the water’s flow over time; the grooves in a record creating the music that moves our spirit; the grooves in tree bark that provide homes for insects, birds, and animals; the grooves in the tectonic plates explaining the movement of Earth’s surface in the present and the past.

Grooves are all around us. And as people we get into grooves in our lives – how we create routines or the way we interact with each other. We even use the word “groovy” when we find something to be awesome and interesting. Groove is exactly what we wanted from this session: flow, movement, connection, presence, and awesomeness.

And of course it was an awesome week! We laughed, played and made lasting friendships all while being in our favorite place. (the outdoors!) We did team-building initiatives like The Wall, Whale Watch, 4 Corners, and the Trust Fall which help create a deep trust in one another! This made the most challenging initiatives much more fun to figure out and work through as a team.

As we all know, about 95% of the time at camp is spent outdoors and that can be intimidating for lots of people! Not for these campers. They embraced the dirt, bugs, hot weather and lengthy hikes with such grace. Letting the dirt get into the “grooves” of their skin! That’s what being outdoors is about! At the end of the day, they wouldn’t have experienced the beauty of the sunset (from Upper Meadow, of course) or the fun of feeding the pigs if they didn’t get a little dirty.

From our group photo on Monday morning to our celebration on Friday night, session three was a blast and a half. Thanks for an amazing time. Stay groovy!


“I was transformed by this experience. I was open to instant friendship and connected to nature. I will always come back!”


Session Three Details:
Our chaplain was Bishop Bruce and Simon & Monica Wainwaring. Our nurse was Ashley.
1 | Staff: Alexis and Zoe with Isaac   | Campers: Derreck, Deven, Benjamin, Christian, Andrew, Dylan, Robert Leela, Mila, Sierra, Jessica, Lacey, Eden, Maya
2 | Staff: Otto and Lauren with Noah D   | Campers: Tommy, Quinn, Terry, Sam, Felix, Chase, Charlie Anna, Anna, Chloe, Noelle, Garcy, Catherine, Katie, Zoe
3 | Staff: Louis and Emily M with Jo  | Campers: Steven, Zachary, We Ka THu, Gavin, Wani, Ler Ariel, Charlotte, Martha, Frances, Zoe, Lily Alia, Natasha, Reagan
4 | Staff: Owen and Annie with Marina   | Campers: Frankie, Lucas, Sebaztian, Vance, Danny, Bulmaro, Jadon Cecilia, Molly, Kate, Hannah, Jolie, Sydney, Elma, Alee
5 | Staff: Max and Sara with Emily T  | Campers: Dominic, Matthew, Nathan, Aidan, Kien, Pluto, Lado Jayleen, Dawla, Anna L, Natalie M, Elizabeth, Summer, Gina, Tess
6 | Staff: Michael and Eve with Clare  | Campers: Dylan C, Noah, Spencer, Jeremy, Yan, Eh, Cory Audrey, Brooke, Lilly G, Ashley, Jennifer, Sadie, Annina



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