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Session Two: “Where To?”

Session two was packed full of adventure and excitement for the outdoors. Friendships were made and mulberries were eaten.

This week’s theme was “Where To?” and lets be honest, the campers went everywhere! Each adventure group spent their days hiking, playing games, team-building, going on overnights, and much more. We also made pizza in the cob oven, harvested plums for plum sauce, fed some compost to our pigs and helped Ian spruce up the Phoenix Garden!

Epic 10-Day Adventure joined us in the middle of the week! Almost immediately taking off on the trails. I guess that’s why they call themselves “Off the Grid”!

In the afternoon, half of the camp packed it up and hiked to an over-night spot. This is where they cooked dinner over a fire and spent the night under the stars! Some groups did a fire-watch through the night and others rose early and hiked Vulcan to catch the sunrise! The other half of camp had a little more laid back afternoon with a picnic dinner on the lawn! The air gets cooler and the trees finally give us some shade, making dinnertime feel relaxing. Its a chance to take it easy in order to prepare for an over-night the next day!

We really felt the beauty of this place as we ventured out this week. The feeling of waking up next to our best buds, the sight of every sunrise and sunset, the burning in our calves as we hike up that big hill, the sound of the bees in the garden, the taste of fresh fruit right off the tree, and of course, the music at Community Gathering. What a sensory explosion!


“We hiked to Upper Meadow and experienced the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The sunset.”


Session Two Details:
Our chaplain was Elizabeth Rechter and our nurse was Suzanne.
Onomatapeas in a Pod | Staff: Lily, Daniel, Emily S.  | Campers: Ashley K, Jordan, Reagan, Bailey, Erya, Kali, Brenden, Justin L, Andrew, Brady, Logan, Jesus, Kevin
Starship Orion | Staff: Annie, Todd, Simon |  Campers: Lilah, Skye, Caitlyn, Sierra, Zoe, Faith, Ryan, Joseph, Steven, Krossley, Esteban, Henry, Brandon
All Aboard! | Staff: Adier, Michael, Sophia | Campers: AJanet, Stefania, Kinsley, Ashley M, Jasmine, Sasha, Eric, Aiden, Benjamin, Matthew, Sergio, Christopher, Marshal
To the Trees | Staff: Jaqueline, Owen, Isaac | Campers: Londyn, Nirvana, Arianna, Caitlin, Catalina, Alyssa, Rhian, Justin B, Zane, Kristofer, Riley, Lah Gay, Tha Dah, Kai
79ers | Staff: Natasha, Jasper, Jean | Campers: Evelyn, Gricelle, Claudia, Stephanie, Layla, Rae, Josilus, William Liam, Eh Klu, Saw Paw, Emanol, Jacob, Francisco
IDK? | Staff: Savanna, Robert, Maxine | Campers: Lily, Shannon, Chloe, Jennifer, Jessica, Lauren, Hank, Freddy, Jonathan, Sean, Ko, Ngay, Sha


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