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Session One: “SPARK!”

Summer is here! Our first official adventure session of the summer kicked off on July 3 with a bang!  Our newly trained and returning staff and counselors joined together to share a week of openness, connection, gratitude, and wonder with fifty amazing campers from all over California.

The theme for the week was “Spark” – because Session One helps us ignite the summer and, of course, because of July 4th!  Each Adventure Group had a name contributing to this theme, with the support staff calling themselves “The Fuse”.  We saw colorful feather pendants (Phoenix), a cardboard mascot (Flaming Potatoes), and decorations in red, yellow, and orange to keep the theme charged all week long.

From the littlest Lightning Bugs to the oldest Electrocosmos, our camp community experienced treks to Volcan Mountain, overnights under the stars, Gods Eye crafts, team building games, and the awesomeness of tie dye.  We picked raspberries at the farm, found a grey ladybug, and completed the Wall (one of the hardest challenge course obstacles).  We made new friends, tried new foods, and learned new games that we will treasure for years to come.

Falling over the Fourth of July, some of our counselors showed their American Pride, dressing in various levels of red, white, and blue or stars and stripes to celebrate the holiday Camp Stevens style.  This summer holiday tends to bring fewer camp registrations for the week, but that was fine with us! We had a wonderful group that was just small enough to create an intimate experience while being big enough to provide a complete camp experience.

The sun shone brightly, the sky was the most perfect blue, and the nights gave just enough chill to keep everyone cozy in their sleeping bags.  Early morning sunrise hikes and late night fire-watches also helped campers settle in, content and exhausted, at their bedtimes. It was a beautiful week in so many ways. We are grateful to our campers for choosing to spend their summer and Independence Day with us.


“[This was] my first time at a sleep away camp and I really enjoyed doing new things… I felt a connection with nature and myself. I got closer to other campers and made a lot of good and funny memories” – Camper Feedback, Session One


Session One Details:
Our chaplains were Mother Kelli Grace Kurtz and Father Todd Blackham. Our nurse was Suzanne.
Lightening Bugs | Staff: Emily, Lia, and Andrew  | Campers: Emelyn, Norah, Avery, Hailey, Conrad, Isaac, Alan, Michael
Ignite the Light | Staff: Jean, Maya, and Christopher |  Campers: Elianna, Destiney, Danika, Katie R., Nathan, Adam, Aiden, Seth
Flash! | Staff: Noah, Hannah, and Todd | Campers: Ashley, Chelsea, Grace, Hope, Theodore, Matthew, Angel, Danny
Flaming Potatoes | Staff: Clare, Anna, Max | Campers: Reagan, Amanda, Carly, Jesse, Heirberto, Dillon, Ian, Samuel
Phoenix | Staff: Jo, Michael, Alexis | Campers: Katie F., Mia, Cindy, Olivia, Maxwell, Benjamin, Parker, Kasen
Electrocosmos | Staff: Marina, Alex, Erin | Campers: Betsy, Kate B, Milayna, Eileen, Katie A, Tina, Melissa, Katie G, Sophia


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