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Wednesday's Whim

Wednesday’s Whim: Get Ready, 2016

Of the handful of resolutions I’ve made for myself to begin 2016, one of them is not to judge my efforts at resolving to better myself. A regular victim of my own “shoulds” (I should do this and I should do that), it’s important for me to continue practicing grace as a I approach any personal goal setting.


2016 will be as big a year as any for Camp Stevens and I resolve to do the same: offer grace in growth and big things.

We’ve begun fundraising for the Bergstrom Lodge and I’m thrilled to say that we’re well over halfway to our $1.25M goal. There continue to be sponsorship and giving opportunities, whether you or a grantor you know can give $100,000 or if your budget allows $20 – or $20/month – over the next two to three years. Please consider a gift in either case or anywhere in between!

As for the construction, we’re planning to break ground this October for the Bergstrom Lodge right where the yurts currently stand. Stay tuned for details on joining us for this exciting time. (The building should be ready to use in the spring of 2017.)

Making 2016 a memorable year as well, three staff who’ve made an unquestionable impact on Camp Stevens are leaving their positions (they’re not all leaving camp) for new adventures. I am deeply grateful for Ashley Graham-Wilcox, Ryan Wanamaker, and John Horton – for their personal commitment to Camp Stevens’ people and mission, and for what they have each taught and continue to teach me about community, intention, kindness, and justice.

Starting this January, Ashley is taking on additional responsibilities with Episcopal Camps and Conference Centers and hopes to spend more time with Jude, who is almost 2 (can you believe it?!). At the end of March, Ryan will head to Alaska to join Trent (a Camp Stevens alum) leading kayak tours. And John Horton will retire at the end of 2016 after what will be 41 1/2 years of service. (That makes him the longest serving employee in the entire Diocese of Los Angeles!).

In all these transitions we’ll welcome new faces, learn the ins and outs of the many, many responsibilities and roles Ashley, Ryan, and John contribute to Camp Stevens, and probably drop a few things along the way. That’s where the grace comes in, and I couldn’t be more grateful to practice it in such a loving, growth- and process-oriented community.

Please join me in celebrating 2016 and making it a year of peace and grace for all.

New Year’s blessings!


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