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Wednesday's Whim

Wednesday’s Whim: A November Full of Gratitude


Last year Camp Stevens rolled out four new core values that are rooted in the natural world and our Episcopal tradition – values that root us in being mission-driven, forward thinking, and intentional in our work and community life. They are openness, connection, gratitude, and wonder and they are resonating with campers, staff, and retreat guests alike.

This time of year my Facebook feed lights up with folks offering words of gratitude for each day leading up to Thanksgiving and I always find them inspiring to read. Ryan, camp’s farm and garden director, offered some inspiring words about gratitude last year that seem timely to share:

Gratitude – the cultivation of gratitude in our souls and minds – has the power to change the way we live and connect and interact with the world. Gratitude isn’t blind to pain or sadness, it acknowledges the depth of our experiences and carries us to a place of hopefulness. Gratitude cultivates kindness and generosity. A spirit of gratitude helps us look for opportunity in one another. Looking through eyes of gratitude we find it difficult to take anything for granted: the earth, our friends and families, or the God who weaves it all together in intricate and beautiful ways.

Whether you post your words of gratitude on Facebook or not, I hope you’ll take time this November to think intentionally about the ways gratitude has and continues to unlock the fullness of your life.


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