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I Know What You Did Last Summer: Camp Stevens Edition

Once the final bus pulls away, the lost and found has been sorted, and the last toilet has been plunged, it’s time to reflect. We look at our final attendee numbers and registration trends. We analyze where campers came from, and how they heard about Camp Stevens. And, most importantly, we ask campers and parents to tell us about their experience with Camp Stevens.

Here’s some of what we’ve learned:

  • Attendee-wise, we grew by 6.7% over 2014.
  • Nearly half (46.2%) of our campers come from San Diego County. Most of our other campers come from throughout southern California, but we also served campers from Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Washington, Alaska, Arizona, France, and, of course, Japan!
  • 97.5% of campers liked the food, with more than a few crossing out “Like” on their survey to fill in “LOVE.” A big shout-out to Sarah and Miles, who kept the kitchen running smoothly and the meals tasting amazing all summer!
  • In 2014, we unveiled a new mission statement, which states that “Camp Stevens inspires, challenges, and empowers personal, social, and environmental transformation.” We asked each camper how Camp Stevens transformed them, and they shared with us some amazing things:

“It was a really good experience without my phone.”
“I want to build a garden.”
“I can connect to nature more.”
“I feel like it’s okay to be myself.”
“I am a lot less stressed.”
“I didn’t know I could make a friend that fast.”
“I felt like I could be nice and loving.”
“It made me more adventurous.”
“Made me accept new ideas and get along.”

  • 99% of parents said they would recommend Camp Stevens to a friend (And we’ll be working very hard to get that up to 100% in 2016!). Parents commented:

“I especially like that my son was able to get out and connect with other kids without the use of electronics! A refreshing change for this day and age. We can’t wait to come back again. I can honestly say you made my son’s summer one great and lasting memory. Thanks for everything you did to create such a positive experience for him and our family. See you next summer!”

“They had the best experience and are excited to share Camp Stevens with their friends at school!”

“Thank you for providing an enriching program to our child. He felt at peace there.”

“Thanks for always making Camp Stevens a safe and inviting environment.”

Of course, there was constructive feedback as well, and we take each piece of it to heart. We have already begun discussing ways to evolve our counselor/staff training, make updates to the Boys’ Hill bathrooms, and share with parents more during each week.

It’s a lot of data to go through, and it’s key to making decisions about future programs, staffing, dates, and facilities. We are already looking forward to 2016!

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Marketing Manager / Dishwasher at Camp Stevens. CT '99!


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