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Summertime, Wednesday's Whim

Wednesday’s Whim: Blue Day in December

Camp Stevens Counselor Training program teaches leadership skills, human relations, sequencing and group development, conflict resolution, and activity planning and execution, among other things.

On Friday night our usual discussion is about environmental ethic and sustainability and this year was no different. Ben, Ryan, and Ian (Maintenance Manager, Farm/Garden Director, and Garden Program Intern, respectively) led the counselors-in-training through an activity looking for wonder and connection through nature-based experiences, shared Camp Stevens history with environmental stewardship, and then invited the group into a nature-based, sensory experience with unusual and beautiful sights and smells from around camp, fruit to taste, and feathers, bones, plants, and herbs to explore.

To close the evening, Ian shared a poem of his. The counselors-in-training crouched around him, he strummed his guitar and said:

I went down to the corner
On a blue day in December
All my friends were making money
Building houses and seeking treasure
Into a rainbow I’d been captured
I hesitate, though, to talk about it
Take a look around the planet
Touch of angels, everlasting.

My sweet-hearted inspiration:
Wily vagabonds, running dogs
And the eyes of children looking ’round it
At the picture man has painted.

I won’t say nothing bad about him
But he ought to tie that shoelace
It’s getting hot down in the kitchen
Busy busy, no one listening
Good morning music, natural mystic
Water glimmers, pool condenses
Sun light shining — yes, I want her
In the fire light, my mother nature
What do I do with this desire?
I just give it, unconditional
And unto you, all of our children

We give a present
A gift to live in.

And you do with it
what you will

And you do with it
what you will

And you do with it
what you will.

In that moment I was struck by the intimacy of community, the vulnerability of camp staff, the already-counselors, and the counselors-in-training, and the invitation to wonder about, connect with, and invest in mother nature; to love unconditionally (that’s what I heard in Ian’s words), and to be lovers and stewards of the earth.

Friday night's sky.

Friday night’s sky.


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