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Craft of the Month

Craft of the Month: Magazine Envelopes

Thank you Emma for contributing this month’s craft!

Campers pack a lot of gear to come to Camp Stevens, and one item that is often forgotten is envelopes to write home with. Making envelopes out of old magazines and calendars easily solves this problem.


  • A large picture cut out from a magazine or calendar (The larger the picture, the larger your envelope will be: A full magazine page works well.)
  • Scissors
  • A piece of scrap paper
  • Glue stick


  1. With the picture you want featured facing up, fold the bottom and top edges back and under, so that they overlap in the back. Make sure the part of the picture that you want on the front of the envelope is as centered as possible.


  2. Turn the picture over so you are looking at the overlapping pieces. Use a glue stick to seal those edges together.


  3. While still looking at the backside, fold in the left and right edges about ½ inch to ensure there will be no holes in the envelope.


  4. Glue only ONE of those edges down – the other edge will be the opening for your letter.


  5. Unfold the edge you didn’t glue down, and cut the border to be rounded. You should now have an envelope with one opening.


  6. Cut out two small pieces of paper and glue onto the side with the folds on it, for the address and return address (We like to put the address on the back side, so the pretty picture is whole and visible.).


  7. Once you have written your letter, place it inside the envelope and glue the second outside edge of the envelope down so that the envelope is now sealed. Place a stamp on it, write in the appropriate addresses, and send it on its way!




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