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June Wrap-Up

Holy cow, June! What is there to say about a month that:

  • Hosted our biggest retreat group of the year?
  • Had us saying goodbye to our year-round staff members, Greg, Lindsay, Jacob, Sarah and Ashley?
  • Welcomed our summer staff, a talented, passionate crew of twelve?
  • Saw 22 teenagers go on sea kayaking adventures along the coast of Catalina Island?
  • Went from overnight lows of 40 to overnight lows of 60 in a period of one week?
  • Gave everyone from the Maintenance Manager to the Executive Director a chance to cook a meal or two for our hungry trainees (We’re in the hiring process for a new assistant chef.)
  • Trained 6 new lifeguards, a resident summer staff of 12, and 23 new summer camp counselors?
  • Held a Counselor Training session that Rev. Greg Larkin, who has led more than 20 of them, called in his “top 5”?
  • Watched four of our summer sessions completely sell out?

Perhaps it’s enough just to say that our staff is trained, ready and excited to welcome our first campers this weekend – and that in the meantime, we’re enjoying a few hard-earned days off!

About Ashley

Marketing Manager / Dishwasher at Camp Stevens. CT '99!


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