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April Wrap-Up

How do you know it’s been a busy month at Camp Stevens? When May is almost over before we even have a chance to wrap up April! April was a great month, stacked with action, before ending with a weeklong break for most of our staff. Here is some of what happened here in Julian in April (if you can remember back that far!):

  • A group of 20 joined us for the annual Gary Hall Retreat. This year’s retreat reflected on what a church committed to living out the “joy” of the Gospel might look like;
  • We announced that this year’s Wilderness Adventure Trips for teens will be led by the amazing duo of Axel Ancona Esselmann and Delaney Widyolar;
  •  We discovered that our on-site wells had dramatically decreased in productivity, and began the process of searching out and blessing a new well site;

    Blessing of new well site, 2014

    Bishop Diane Jardine Bruce blesses the site of our new well: “Lord, make this one a gusher!”

  • Our staff worked with three outdoor education groups, including 10th graders from Waldorf School of San Diego, who left us with great new pieces of “junk art” that have been installed around the grounds.

    Art made from found and recycled materials

    “Junk art,” recently moved from the chapel to its permanent installation in the Phoenix Garden.

  • Cursillo participants from the Diocese of San Diego spent the final weekend of the month on their powerful retreat.
  • The 1/2-acre plot at Volcan View Farm got planted with onions, greens, brassicas and more, and we started seeing blossoms on the Orchard’s apricot, plum, peach and apple trees.
    Spring planting at Volcan View Farm

    Spring planting at Volcan View Farm

    And since we’re so far into May already, how about a peek into this month too? So far in May, we have seen our summer registrations surpass last year’s numbers, drilled a new well, hired our summer staff… and that’s not even the half of it! Stay tuned for a complete wrap-up early in June.

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