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Wednesday’s Whim: Dirt

Last week, Ashley posted a quote by Margaret Atwood that read: “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”

And then a few days later I wrote notes to two friends of mine I haven’t yet met, both infants who live across the country with their parents, friends from seminary and folks I keep up with not as often as I should.  The notes each admonished the children to spend time outside every day, and to get dirty.

Dirty Hands

When The Rev. Kelli Grace Kurtz was here leading our Annual Women’s Retreat, she shared a story of dirt.  At a retreat a number of years ago she was invited to establish a goal.  Seemingly simple at the time, Kelli Grace promised herself that she would walk on the earth every day.  Those of us at Camp Stevens might not find this too challenging, but in a world of pavement, sidewalks, car garages, and linoleum, that’s a tough goal!

Kelli Grace said that there are still days she lies in bed at night, realizes she overlooked dirt for the day, and crawls out of bed and into the night air to walk on the earth.

There’s a lesson here, I think, and for me it goes something like this: our connection with the earth isn’t something to take lightly.  And just like family, friend, or work relationships, staying connected takes time and energy.  Some days we may honor and offer gratitude for the earth more than others, but every day we should at least touch her – the earth – and say thank you to her and to God for the abundance of beauty surrounding and supporting us.

*Photo credit: Coreen Walsh


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