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Craft of the Month: “Junk” Art

“Junk” can get a bad rap. While I’m not advocating for keeping anything and everything for the possibility of reusing it in the future, this month’s craft is about being inspired to creatively repurpose that pile of … well, junk.

Not to mention, it’s a fun way to do some spring cleaning!


How to make “junk” art:

Step 1

Gather any odds and ends you can find: an old bike wheel, a rusty air filter, bits and pieces of wire, a forgotten bike seat, scrap metal, a garden tool from long ago – anything will do!

You’re also going to need some tools for building. We used wire, wire cutters, a drill, a few screws and some zip ties.

A pair of work gloves is nice too for handling all of those potentially sharp edges.


Step 2

I recommend finding a group of friends, family or neighbors to work with you. With many creative minds, you will have a dynamic process and a beautiful, unexpected outcome.

For our art projects, we worked with a group of 10th graders from Waldorf High School in San Diego. It was amazing to see the unique pieces of art they created together.

It’s also great to have some general inspiration for your project. After spending a week outdoors and working in the gardens, we tried to focus on the gifts of nature with the hope of inspiring future Camp Stevens guests to enjoy the beauty around them.


Step 3

As you gather your favorite pieces of “junk” and experiment with how they might fit together, begin to envision your end goal.

The Waldorf students decided on projects ranging from a turkey sculpture to a bird feeder to a musical instrument.


Step 4

The process from here might take a bit of tinkering.

It’s good to take a minute to step back as you consider what you might add, remove or adjust.

Some of the Waldorf students decided to test out their projects along the way – whether that meant hanging up their mobile in a nearby tree or making some music.


Step 5

When you think you’ve got it just how you want it – admire your work!

We did a mini art show to enjoy everyone’s final products.



Happy creating!

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