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March Wrap-Up

We’ve spent much of the first three months of the year crossing our fingers for rain, and the weather has cooperated exactly three times in March. Never enough rain to get the stream flowing, but enough to get spring blooming.


In bloom down by the streambed

But water is still on our minds!

In March, while we hired the experienced, kind and fun duo that will lead this summer’s Wilderness Adventure Trips (Meet Axel and Delaney here.), we also learned that we’d have to cancel our summer whitewater rafting trip because of drought-induced low water levels on the Kern. We’re definitely disappointed, but have replaced the trip with a second Sea Kayaking trip, which has already sold out.

Also in March, we learned that we’re in need of a new well. Our wells provide all of the water used at camp, from drinking and cooking to the pool and gardens. The need for a new well took us by surprise, and we spent much of March looking for a new well site to drill. We’ve found one, along Pump Road (parallel to Highway 78), and digging will begin in May. Please keep your eyes open for an upcoming opportunity to help us cover the costs of well drilling, supplies, labor, and preparation of the area.

Off the waterfront, elsewhere in March:

  • We hiked, explored, got dirty and had fun with 5th and 6th graders during four week-long outdoor education programs.


    Tossing “seed balls” during an Outdoor Education program

  • We held the first of two Seeds of Hope workshops at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School in San Juan Capistrano. This first workshop focused on building a community foundation when looking at starting a church garden. The next workshop – coming up May 3 – will delve into soil as the metaphorical and physical foundation for a garden. Join us.
  • We welcomed the Episcopal Urban Intern Program for a retreat. This is such a neat program, full of passionate, inspiring young adults doing great work – check it out!
  • Mother Kelli Grace Kurtz, Vicar of St. John’s in La Verne, directed our annual Women’s Retreat, which focused on the idea of pilgrimage. We’re always so happy to welcome women from throughout California for this weekend of reflection and joy.

    Women's Retreat participants in Upper Meadow

    Women’s Retreat participants in Upper Meadow

  • We hosted the annual Volcan Mountain Foundation Dinner Dance, the biggest fundraiser for the Volcan Mountain Preserve, which works to protect that beautiful mountain that you can see from most places at Camp Stevens (It’s also a favorite hiking destination for our more adventurous Adventure Groups during summer camp. Who can forget the beauty of a Volcan Mountain sunrise watched with your newest, best friends? See a sliver of that magic at the end of this summer camp video.)

It’s shaping up to be an amazing year: Thank you for your ongoing support, prayers and visits as we jump with both feet into spring.

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