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January Wrap-Up

Happy February 2014, folks! In all its new beginnings and uncharacteristically pleasant days, January was certainly a month to be savored. Here’s to some first Camp Stevens happenings of 2014:

  • A Disney fanatic, a Long Islander and a third Pennsylvanian – welcome Rhodri, Sarah and Jacob, our three new Resident Staff Interns!
  • We jumped right back into the swing of things with the Board of Visitors retreat, all whilst training new folks with a “Super Buddy” system.
  • The staff enjoyed a retreat of their own, spending a few days together at Failla Villa in Ramona, talking community, personality types and our environmental mission statement (in between playing, soaking up the sun, and eating, of course!).
  • After 9 months of anticipation, the Graham-Wilcox’s brought their son Jude Meyer Graham-Wilcox into our midst. Congratulations, Ashley and Trevor!
  • We hosted the Bishop’s School, a high school out of La Jolla that is Alma mater to several current and former Camp Stevens staff.
  • Our volleyball team, The Space Scorpions, came out stinging and clad in black t-shirts bearing an illustrious screen print designed by staff member Delaney.
  • Speaking of volleyball, our third game welcomed “Smashley” back to the court, just two weeks after giving birth to Jude. Wowee!
  • Finally, the last day of January brought with it some much needed rain.The gray skies make the greenery shine all the brighter, no?

…and with February came about seven minutes of something between hail and snow… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves 🙂


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