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Wednesday’s Whim: Mission Statements

You’re not crazy, today isn’t Wednesday.

Occasionally, due to retreat group or outdoor education program schedules, we have our regular staff meeting, called “The Friday Meeting,” on Thursday.  Even on Thursday, it is called “The Friday Meeting.” So in the spirit of this week’s Friday Meeting on Thursday, a Wednesday’s Whim on Friday seems appropriate!

Yesterday the staff sat down for a beautifully facilitated discussion about our Food Philosophy (thanks, Trevor, Neil & Coreen!).  We find our mission to serve food we feel good about is ever-changing, so coming together now & then to talk about it is important.  At yesterday’s discussion, we were divided into three groups and encouraged to write a concise, “not overly complicated”, memorable food mission statement.  Here’s what we came up with:

Food is a daily reminder of our reliance on human & natural resources & our journey to honor, conserve & revere the whole community.

With food as an integral part of each person’s experience at Camp Stevens, we strive to model responsible & quality preparation, sourcing & eating that connects us to our earth & community while nourishing our minds, bodies & souls.

We share nourishing meals together out of respect for the health of creation and of our guests and staff. We recognize our choices have ecological impacts both within and beyond our community and craft our meals accordingly.

As far as I know, we won’t publish (other than this blog post, anyway) any of these statements, but they do serve as an important reminder of where our food fits into the greater mission of camp – to provide folks a peaceful place apart … and to be good, conscientious stewards of all our resources, not just food.

If you had to write a personal mission statement around food or awareness/conservation of resources, what would it be?


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