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Summarizing September

September was one of the busiest months at Camp Stevens that I can remember. Starting with a Labor Day Weekend wedding (Congratulations Andy and Rachel!) and continuing into October (how did that happen?), the property has been bustling from the moment that summer camp ended.

Here are some biggest happenings:

  • As always, we kicked off the season with a productive whirlwind of staff training, during which we welcomed new staff members Neil, Britt, Greg and Laban. Later this week, we’ll be introducing our 2013-2014 year-round staff.
  • We threw our new staff right into it, as every week, we’ve welcomed students from schools from around southern California, including: 7th graders from Pacific Ridge in Carlsbad, 8th graders from Our Lady of Grace in El Cajon, 6th and 12th graders from St. Margaret’s Episcopal School in San Juan Capistrano, 7th graders from The Bishop’s School in La Jolla and 7th graders from the Waldorf School of San Diego.
  • The fall harvest has started to roll in!
    HarvestEven better, tomatoes are still coming in by the truckload from around the gardens and farm. We’ll be canning a bunch next weekend at our Canning and Preserving the Harvest Workshop, so even some of our winter guests can experience the bounty!
  • We hosted family camps from two of our favorite St. Andrew’s, St. Andrew’s-by-the-Sea in Pacific Beach, and St. Andrew’s in Fullerton.
  • We bid goodbye to the beautiful oak tree that used to overhang the Dining Hall, a victim of beetles.DH_Oak_Tree
  • September’s staff shout out goes out to Ben Blue, our fearless Maintenance Coordinator, who has tackled one project after another, especially around the Dining Hall (The toaster is now back in action! Say it with me everyone, “Thank you, Ben!”)

Last week we welcomed two brand new groups, in addition to hosting three returning groups. In other words, October is off to an equally eventful start! We’re so glad to be back in the swing of “year-round” happenings here at Camp Stevens; here’s hoping that your September was also productive and fulfilling.

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Marketing Manager / Dishwasher at Camp Stevens. CT '99!


One thought on “Summarizing September

  1. Thank you, Ben!


    Posted by Cindy Shamel | October 8, 2013, 5:05 pm

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