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Wednesday’s Whim: CT

In the spirit of the children’s book Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed … “There is so much to learn about the exciting, exhausting and all-consuming world of Counselor Training, but, for this blog post, you only need to know three things: 1. It is part training, 2. It is part exhausting, 3. It is ALL about … Continue reading

Recipe of the Month: Pizza Dough

Makes 2 pizzas Ingredients: ½ oz. yeast ½ qt. warm water 1 ¾ lb. flour ½ oz. salt 1 ½ oz. sugar Pinchful of Italian herbs ¾ oz. buttermilk (or soy milk) 1 ½ oz. olive oil Instructions: Preheat oven to 400 degrees while you soften yeast in warm water. In a mixer with dough … Continue reading

Wednesday’s Whim: A Post About Preaching

Years before I moved to Julian, I swore I’d never go behind the alter rail of a church.  I’ve always felt comfortable in the pews and believe strongly in the important role of community in learning and expressing one’s own spirituality, but I’ve never felt called to be the visual leader of that spiritual exploration. … Continue reading