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Springing into summer

The spring is an exciting time at Camp Stevens. You never know if it’ll be 75 degrees or if there will be snow on Volcan when you wake up. The weeks blend into one another as we go between special events and outdoor education session. We keep our fingers crossed that the stone fruit trees will survive the cold, and that there might be some asparagus left in the garden.

And a handful of us are putting together the summer, making sure the facilities are ready, hiring the best staff around, and recruiting campers, one festival after another. Yesterday our summer camp director, Trevor sent around the Summer Prep List – it’s a “legacy” list of all things summer camp that need to get addressed before June. Here’s some of what’s on the docket:

  • Employee Packet for summer staff
  • Outreach to first-time camper parents
  • Summer Camp T-Shirts
  • Background Checks
  • Check Fire Extinguishers
  • Lifeguard Training
  • First Aid Kits

(Only in the camping world do tasks like “Summer brochure” get equal billing with “Test radios.”).

As much as the whole spring is about summer prep, looking over the list and thinking about setting up staff housing, “opening” Boys and Girls Hills, coordinating homestays for our Japanese campers…This is when summer becomes real.

Now, if the weather would just cooperate!

Have you signed up the children in your life?

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