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On October

Can you believe we’re already a week into November? October flew by here at Camp Stevens – and we didn’t even have to evacuate once! Here’s some of what we had going on:

  • Our second annual “Hoes Down!” Harvest Weekend. With just about 50 attendees from around Southern California, the weekend included tractor rides, candlemaking, pumpkin carving, hot sauce canning, folk dancing, bread making, and a whole lot of fall-themed fun.

    Carving jack-o-lanterns at the Farm during “Hoes Down!” Harvest Weekend

  • We’ve closed down the pool, shut down the summer camp cabins, and otherwise begun preparing for winter – no matter that it’s currently 75 degrees out.
  • The staff kicked off a weekly Book Club meeting to consider and discuss simplicity, inspired by our aspirations for the upcoming holiday season. We’re using Michael Schut’s “Simpler Living, Compassionate Life,” and you’re welcome to join in!
  • James Hubbell and his team have nearly completed the stone work and installation of the Bartlett Meditation Garden, which will house the St. Francis statue, at our rebuilt chapel.

    Bartlett Meditation Area at the newly rebuilt chapel, both designed by James Hubbell

  • Staff members took advantage of a week off in the middle of the month for a variety of adventures to Baja California, Big Sur and Boston.
  • We hosted 2 women’s groups, 1 men’s group, 2 outdoor education programs, Cursillo, a few ropes courses, and a weekend for our Board of Visitors, a team that supports our mission and programs through donations, community support and ideas.

As more and more leaves turn yellow and fall onto our trails, we’re shifting from a busy time of year into the slightly more laid back winter time. As your family starts thinking about the holidays, please remember that we have firewood available for fundraisers for your church or school. (How does that work? We provide the wood; your group sells it at church; we split the income between your group and our campership fund. Contact ashleyATcampstevensDOTorg to coordinate pick-up.) And we hope you’ll consider giving the gift of Camp Stevens to a loved one this year.

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