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That’s a First: Radioactive Yogurt & Other Adventures

Here’s a First Time story from Garden & Farm Director Ryan Wanamaker. There’s no photo because…well, you’ll see.

When there were cows at the cow pond in 1987, I was a seven year-old redheaded boy away from home for the first time, seated triumphant on a treacherous mountain ridge in the shade of an oak, contented with my team eating peanut butter and exotic nuts and berries, picking fox tails out of my socks. I still vaguely remember the huge expedition that got my adventure group on the ridge line.  We packed a lunch and entered a vast secret wilderness, full of challenges. After days of exploring this wilderness and encountering and surmounting various trials such as passing through a meat grinder safely to escape a radioactive yogurt spill and crossing an acid river on an X of manila rope, it was time for lunch. We found the perfect spot on a ridge below some oaks above a lake. Documentation being essential to our report upon our return to civilization, we were dismayed to find ourselves without a working camera. Fortunately as our counselor informed us, we all had had installed in our brains during the night an internal human brain camera! What efficient planning! I still have the image of the great ridge triumph of that day, the image that launched a million adventures to follow. It is tattered and grainy after all these years but it clearly shows the back-lit silhouette of some Holsteins in the setting sun and the acres of golden glowing potential surrounding.

2012 marks the 60th year of Camp Stevens. Over the next few weeks – leading up to our September 2nd Open House celebration – we’ll be sharing people’s reflections on their first times at Camp Stevens. Share your story by emailing ashleyATcampstevensDOTorg.

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