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Get ready to get some dirt on your hands!

(This post was written by Resident Staff Member, Nicole Miller.)

Recently the staff at Camp Stevens devoted some time to sitting down and talking about some of our favorite things: Children and nature (Go figure!). Particularly, we discussed a desire to see all children play, explore and grow in nature. Inspired by the California Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights and a degree of nostalgia for our own childhood explorations, we hereby declare (in no particular order):

20 Things Every Child Should Have the Right to Experience in Nature!

20. Be uncomfortable;
19. Find something fascinating and awe-inspiring;
18. Explore and problem-solve;
17. Learn and have moments of discovery;
16. Not know an answer (and be ok with that);
15. Face fears;
14. Gain comfort with being outside;
13. Have a personal relationship with nature;
12. Take an activity that they do frequently indoors into the outdoors;
11. Have their own special place in nature;
10. Encounter wildlife;
9. Experience connections to food sources;
8. Get lost; survive and be empowered;
7. Campfire;
6. Cook and share a meal outdoors;
5. Nighttime experiences (star gazing, exploring in the dark, listening to sounds of the night);
4. Nature mishaps, like accidentally falling into water;
3. Be alone in natural spaces; find independence and solitude in the world;
2. Build something;
1. Get dirty!

* It should be noted that this list can also apply to adults who are still children at heart, as it still very much does for our staff.

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