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Welcome Winter Staff!

It’s funny that we call those folks who live and work up here Not During Summer “Winter Staff,” considering that the season runs from the end of August through the end of May. But in any case, the new winter staff is here and quickly settling in (Or is that being thrown in?). There will … Continue reading

Fall is here, hear the yell

As an alternative to our Fall Gardening Workshop, this year we are introducing Hoes Down Harvest Weekend. It’s coming up – October 14- 16 – and 7 of us just spent the morning brainstorming what a weekend we’re billing as a celebration of “the bounty and beauty of the fall season’s gifts” might look like. … Continue reading

Why aren’t you out there?

The Nature Conservancy has released results from a new survey about teens and nature. It’s great to have some current information (the survey was conducted this summer), and to see some new statistics besides the generic “kids these days and their videogames.” For example: Peer pressure for good: 91 percent of youth (ages 13-18) surveyed … Continue reading

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