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Camp Stevens & Me

One of the most fun things about summer camp is getting to meet parents with all sorts of history with Camp Stevens. While the specifics are always a little bit different, it’s a familiar story (Personally, I’ve been a summer camper, church retreatant, summer staff member…): One descriptor is hard to choose. How about you?

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Marketing Manager / Dishwasher at Camp Stevens. CT '99!


One thought on “Camp Stevens & Me

  1. I love this post! My siblings and I have a long history with Camp Stevens. My sister & brother began attending Camp Steven’s in the early 70’s. My other brother followed in the mid 70’s and I FINALLY got my turn in the late seventies. I was the last camper in my family in 1986. Each of us was changed for the better by being a part of the unique experience that is Camp Stevens.

    In 2001 I really wanted my oldest daughter to attend but my husband was nervous! I brought him to a “preview” weekend and he was SOLD! Sarah attended that summer. My middle daughter was 3 and I was pregnant with my son the weekend we picked her up. She was changed…more grown up, more confident and totally in love with Camp Stevens. She attended every year following until she finally was able to attend Counselor training. Last year she finally had her dream come true and was a counselor for several sessions. This summer she applied for Resident counselor and again another dream come true..she got the job. Sarah graduated high school in June and moved 1 day later to Camp Stevens for 6 weeks. Tomorrow will be her last day at camp and less then 24 hours later we are taking her to college. Her whole childhood has been influenced by Camp Stevens and she is a truly amazing woman and daughter. The added joy for me is that her sister saw how much Sarah loved Camp Stevens and is now attending for her 4th summer…International Camp being her most favorite. My 8 year old son was finally able to attend Camp this summer and I got teary thinking how at the beginning of this legacy for my children I was pregnant with him. I feel pure joy sitting on the lawn and remembering my love for Camp Stevens, knowing that each of children feel the same way.

    Each of my children has grown in a different way while there. Sarah realized her passion for the outdoors. Ashley realized her ability to glow in leadership and knowledge of other cultures. Ryan realized that he can be away from home…after a few tearful nights…but was comforted that his big sister was there to hug, love and reenforce his confidence.

    Thank you to every single person who has touched our lives while making Camp Steven’s such a HUGE part of my childhood and now the childhood of my own children. LOVE you all!


    Posted by Olympia "Pia" Patrick | August 12, 2011, 12:48 pm

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