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Stuff, stuff and more stuff

It’s hard to discuss eco-justice without getting to the idea of conservation and sustainability. Reducing what we need and use is often the first thing we can do to lower our impact on the earth. Having these conversations with young, perceptive Episcopalians has reminded me of a video I first saw a few years back … Continue reading

Green like them.

Need inspiration to take your church to a new, greener, level? Look no farther than Seattle. At Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Mercer Island Washington, we spent the first part of the day on greening congregations, a tangible/relevant subject near to many attendees’ hearts. We heard from participants in Emmanuel’s own greening process – spanning from … Continue reading

It’s been awhile.

I just arrived, met a few of the participants, grabbed lunch and checked into the dorm room I’ll be sharing with a not-yet-arrived co-attendee, so there’s not much to report on yet. What’s really on my mind – having just checked into a dormitory at Seattle University with water-saving toilets, extensive recycling facilities, and a … Continue reading

Immersing in Eco-Justice

I just flew into Seattle, where I will be participating in the first ever, perhaps annual, Eco-Justice Immersion Experience.  A conference designed for 18-30 year olds, this is part of a new initiative out of the Church Center called the Episcopal Leadership Institute for Young Adults. From now through Thursday, 19 of us from New … Continue reading

From the mouths of babes

The end of summer brings with it a host of tasks, from closing down the bathrooms on Girls’ and Boys’ Hills to a truly satisfying deep clean of every corner of the kitchen. Then there’s possibly the most daunting task of them all: Reviewing camper surveys. 80 campers a week, from 8 to 16 years … Continue reading

Planting seeds

From Camp Directors around the country to nurses and political aides, Camp Stevens has many talented “alumni.” It’s our pleasure to share with you a project from one of those alumni, filmmaker Garrett Phelps. Garrett came up to camp this past spring to document our new Outdoor Education program, SEEDS: Eco-Logic for Teens. A new … Continue reading

Seeing Stars

We’re blessed up here in the mountains: Lack of lights and city atmosphere (how’s that for a euphemism for “smog”?) give us prime stargazing opportunities most nights of the year. But, no matter where you live, this week is shaping up to be a great time to check out the nighttime sky. Here’s what’s going … Continue reading

Time to get creative

From skits to weekend staff outings, we do a lot of creative processing here at Camp Stevens. But none is more important than when our staff comes up with the upcoming summer camp session’s theme. First, we develop goals: What are we trying to accomplish next week? What do we want to get the kids … Continue reading

Camp Stevens & Me

One of the most fun things about summer camp is getting to meet parents with all sorts of history with Camp Stevens. While the specifics are always a little bit different, it’s a familiar story (Personally, I’ve been a summer camper, church retreatant, summer staff member…): One descriptor is hard to choose. How about you?

Pleased to meet you.

Is there a better job out there than working at summer camp? We don’t think so. There’s sun to bask in, kids to play with, delicious food to eat, and lifelong friends to make. With the help of more than 30 counselors throughout the summer and an administrative staff that keep things running smoothly all … Continue reading